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Last amended December 7th, 2005

For Sale from Ivybeck Herd (see Breeders List)

Show quality milkers.
Ivybeck Zpider: Grandparents Wayward Zafra  Q* BrCh and R121 Ivybeck Kumi Q*5 BrCh; Sire §103/103 Ivybeck Maestro.
Served Nov 2005 by §165/130 Patricaken Tobermory. 
Available now or after kidding.
Ivybeck Kaya Q*6 BrCh: Dam  R121 Ivybeck Kumi Q*5 BrCh ; sire §141/102† Strenshalh Cortez.
Kaya has also been served by  §165/130 Patricaken Tobermory.
Currently being milk recorded, available after kidding to a show home only.
Phone Rebecca Torrance

For Sale from Wayward Herd (see Breeders List)

Taking bookings now for 2006 born kids.

Margaret Edginton: Tel: 0 24HR or