The herd, which was established in 1972, is small in quantity
but high in quality.
Some of the Tyegronon Herd waiting to come in from the field
Tyegronon herd waiting to come in from the field.
Tyegronon Paloma, National Breed Show winner.
A Tyegronon goat holds the UK milk recording lactation record for the breed. CH R251 Tyegronon Nova Q*1 BrCh AN22279D ( see The Breed page on the ANBS site )
Goats from the herd have held all of the British Goat Society's prestigious awards for the breed and many in interbreed classes.
Tyegronon Goats have been exported worldwide.
The herd has a very high health status: BGS Monitored for CAE; Scrapie monitored for export.
The herd is milk recorded to monitor performance, as well as being exhibited and successful at major BGS shows.
Tyegronon Goats occasionally have top quality stock for sale from this highly successful herd. Home or export. Book early to avoid disappointment.
Males at stud only to females of the same health status.
Tyegronon Umiak
Tyegronon Ulf
CH RM132 Tygronon Umiak Q* BrCh AN28022D b.1/2/95
Tygronon Ulf BrCh AN28025D b.1/2/95
(brother of Umiak - on the left)
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