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Appearance of the Breed

"The ideal Anglo-Nubian is an alert, sound, well balanced animal. It stands four-square and possesses the capacity and breeding ability of a good milking goat. It has a high, proud head carriage and majestic bearing." For more details consult the Breed Standards

The Anglo-Nubian has long, pendulous ears and the nasal bone is markedly convex in shape. The stance is more upright than the Swiss breeds. There is a pronounced brisket and high withers.

The females have a short glossy coat (see photo), and one of its most attractive features is the variety in colour (see below). All coat colours are permissible; chestnut, fawn, black, white or cream. Many colour combinations are found which give some very attractive mottled, marbled and tortoiseshell animals.

(CH AR200 Poplartime Nastasia Q*2 BrCh AN23318D)  

It is a breed which improves with age and there are instances of females breeding and milking well when past twelve years of age.

Many animals of the breed are prolific and renowned for their fecundity. Twins, triplets or quadruplets being common when the dam is well managed

(R107 Tyrrell Swish Q*3 BrCh AN20863D)

  It is one of the heaviest and tallest breeds of goat with males weighing up to 140Kgs and females to 110Kgs. The males have a longer and  harsher coat than the females, The convexity of a male's head is often highly pronounced (see photo). Males display the same upright stance and variety in colour as the females. They are very sturdy and strong.

(CH Kilvington Silvabirch BrCh AN13488H )  

Performance characteristics

Compared with other breeds, the milk of the Anglo-Nubian goat is high in both butterfat and protein, tests having shown an average of 4.8% butterfat and 3.8% protein.

The average Anglo-Nubian has a high daily weight of fat and protein. It is for this reason that the milk is of such interest to cheese-makers.  5.00 Kgs of milk at 4.5% butterfat (the A.N.) is the equivalent of 7.50 Kgs of milk at 3% butterfat in weight of fat.The processing costs for cheese-makers is much less for the lower quantity.

CH R251 Tyegronon Nova  Q*1 BrCh AN22279D

The highest officially recorded annual yield now stands at 2,531 Kgs and the top 24 hour yield at a BGS recognised show of 8.25 Kgs. These are yields of outstanding animals, yet plenty of Anglo-Nubians are capable of daily yields of 4 to 5 Kgs and annual lactations of 1,040 - 1,250 Kgs.

To support the high quality and encourage good yields, it is important that Anglo-Nubians receive food of good quality and sufficient in quantity. The Anglo-Nubian cannot give its best unless it is fed well.

The Anglo-Nubian is also suited to meat production, the kids growing quickly and putting on flesh easily. It is a very useful dual purpose animal


A.N. goats, originating in the UK, making the most of local forage in Qatar. Some are from goats exported in kid.

The breed has a great capacity for adapting to hot climates, which has resulted in an ever increasing demand for stock world-wide.

Abroad the Anglo-Nubian has been successfully crossed with native goats to raise either the milk yield or meat production, or both.

Anglo-Nubians are friendly household animals, supplying fresh milk for the family or a commercial proposition.

Where emphasis is placed on flavour and quality, the milk of an Anglo-Nubian goat cannot be beaten.

For more details about the Breed and Production data see Anglo-Nubians (Part Two).