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Annual Membership Fees:

Individual UK £12.00
Family, Two Named  UK £14.00
E.C. Members including postage (Euros) €25:00
Air Mail Levy (outside E.C.) £7.50

  NOTE : Please do not send Euro Cheques (bank charges £6 to cash them).
Only cash or bank transfer accepted.

Membership application forms can be obtained from the 
Secretary, Margaret Edginton  

Forms for New Members may also be downloaded in .pdf format and can be viewed and printed on any computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Download the Adobe Acrobat reader free:


View/Print membership application form for New Members 

This form also has a second page requesting information of males at stud (optional).


Membership renewal forms are sent out automatically by the Secretary (these have the male information request form on the reverse side)


Stud Goat Register information:

To View/Print a form for providing information to assist in compiling a list of AN males at stud - CLICK HERE

No additional payment is required for males to be included in the Stud Goat Register,

and inclusion is independent of the male being for private use only or at public stud. 
The aim is to produce a list of males representative of the Anglo-Nubian males at stud.