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This is not a complete gallery of all Anglo-Nubian  Breed Champions, but it contains those for whom we have good photographs.

A breed championship (BrCh) can only be gained through gaining awards in Anglo-Nubian classes for milkers at BGS recognised shows.
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If anyone has photos to help us extend the gallery please loan them to the Society for a short time by sending them to the Secretary.

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R154 Moenchia Anjelene Q*2 BrCh AN15958D b.10/1/83

Tipi Candida Q*2 BrCh AN23270D b.4/4/89

Ashdon Cassiebery *1 BrCh AN25959P b.5/3/92

R169 Patricaken Poca Q*5 BrCh AN29133P b.8/4/97

RM150 Kinmea Sabrina Q*2 BrCh AN29155D b.7/4/97 Wayward Flandres BrCh AN9661H b.9/11/77

 R136 Poplartime Godiva Q*2 BrCh AN15039D b.11/5/82

Whitecross Khaled BrCh AN9858P b.13/3/78  R173 Ourway Isadorjaz  Q* BrCh AN24719D b.13/4/90

R120 Tyrell Larkspur Q*2 BrCh AN12990H b.22/4/81

R167 Walkaway Swalowtail Q*3 BrCh AN22292D b.12/2/88 Northcourt Fenella Q*5 BrCh  AN29407D b.1/5/97

Ivans Ivana Q*1 BrCh AN25309P b.17/3/91

R134 Drungewick Emma Q*1 BrCh AN12979H b.11/4/81 R108 Earthchild Deva Q*1 BrCh AN30005D b.1/3/99

Earthchild Infinity Q*2 BrCh 
AN 030467D b.26/3/00

Ourway Trulijaz *2 BrCh AN31005P b.16/4/01 R121 Ivybeck Kumi Q*5 Br Ch  AN29985D b. 18/3/99

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