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This part of the galleries is to enable ANBS members to submit photos for inclusion.

Gallery started in 2003 but retrospective inclusions welcomed.

It will contain males and milkers who have won CC, BCC, CM, IPCC - ideally it should contain all new Champions and Breed Champions .

The photographs need not have been taken at a show, since often there is not the opportunity to do so (see the first few as examples). 

A short comment, as in the examples, should be sent with each photo.

Photos should, in the first instance, be sent to the ANBS Secretary 

We can always add more pages...

Monach Oleander Q* 2 AN030463D (owned and bred by Mrs D Randall), winner of the CC and AN BCC at the Suffolk Show in 2003. She gave 5.0Kg with bf of 4.23%/4.72%  and protein 2.82%/2.91%., winning the AN milking class.

Holdbrook Eddoe AN30757D (first kidder owned and bred by Mel Holdbroo). She gave 5.35kg at Derby (4.88/5.45% BF 3.45/3.37% PR gaining 26.79 points) She was awarded her first BCC and gained her Q*3  (she was 6th in the IP)

§§163/201†  Holdbrook Fungus AN31037D (owned and bred by Mel Holdbrook) took best AN male and best Buckling at Notts Male & Youngstock, he was also awarded his BCC

RM201 Stefash Misty Q*2 HB69610D Highest points in 2003 was at Derby County where she gained 30.20 points. (6.4kg,  with bfat of 4.93/4.83% and protein: 3.11/3.13%) , also winning the IPCC.   Tyegronon Aaloof Q*5 AN030888P (Owned and bred by Mrs M Franklin). Shown 3 times in 2004, gaining 3CC, 3BCC and 1 IPCC..