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National Breed Shows in 1985. The best/reserve best males are on the left. Tyrrell Lakspur (black female) was BIS, with Anson Zulu (black male) reserve and best male.

1989 National Breed Shows Toga Wogan, Dukeland Bubbleboy, Tyrrell Swish and Poplartime Lilith - all Breed Champions. Tyrrell Swish, third left, was BIS, with Toga Wogan (left) reserve and best male  CH Berkham Gingerdjaz and Berkham Butterkiss BrCh at the National Breed Show in 1983. Gingerdjaz was best in show and best milker, with Butterkiss reserve best milker.

First Kidder milkers being judged at the 1999 National Breed Show. Left to right Paticaken Poca who was BIS, Coedcae Bornfree and third was Abbotswell Annastasia (winner of Milking competition for first kidders)

 R2 Theydon Belle Q*Q*Q*Q* AN2016  bred by Miss K Pelly. The first 4xQ*AN milker, demonstrating the improved production compared with the original Nubians. Head Study of Tyrell Larkspur BrCh

Head Study of Periwig Dimity, owned by Miss Lupton (Wayward)

Head study of Playford Puck AN4549H b. 3/3/56, a most influential male in the development of the Berkham Herd.