This is not a complete gallery of all Anglo-Nubian Champions, but it contains those for who we have good photographs.A full Championship (CH) can only be gained at BGS recognised shows in competition with all recognised breeds.
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If anyone has photos to help us extend the gallery please loan them to the Society for a short time by sending them to the Secretary.

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CH R124 Berkham Butterlady Q*7
Br Ch AN82420P b.2/3/76

CH R149 Drungewick Camilla Q*1 BrCh AN14642D b.18/4/82 CH Abbotswell Ilex BrCh AN10967H b.5/3/79

CH R118 Berkham Gingerdjaz Q*1 BrCh AN9935H b.22/2/78

CH AR200 Poplartime Nastasia Q*2 BrCh AN23318D b.17/4/89

CH R34 Redgill Hebe Q* Br Ch AN6661H b.4/4/71

CH R129 Tyegronon Nova Q*1 BrCh AN22279D b.27/3/88

CH Kilvington Silvabirch BrCh AN13488H b.1/4/81 CH CR107/103 Anson Zulu BrCh b.28/3/81

CH 173/140 Ourway Niamjaz BrCh AN028411D b.5/4/95

CH RM132 Tygronon Umiak Q* BrCh AN28022D b.1/2/95

CH R126 Tipi Joplin Q*9 BrCh
AN26735D b.28/3/93